Is your web site ADA Compliant?

Show respect for the disabled community


If you get sued chances are the plaintiff's lawyer is working on contingency and they put out no money up front.

You have to pay your attorney to defend yourself, paying up front.

If you lose your also going to pay the plaintiff's judgment and their attorney fees.

If you win your still out your attorney fees.

Thousands of dollars!

An ounce of prevention!

There has been a sharp rise in such suits as a result of the visually and hearing impaired being denied equal access to public spaces under the Disabilities Act Title III.

While you may win in the end, the legal expenses could put you out of business, or damage your reputation.

The best defense is a good offense. Prepare your web site now and avoid the risk of being sued.


The links at the right will have more information about your obligations to the disabled community under federal ADA Title III rules. Failure can result in civil action and expensive legal costs.

It is not our intent to scare you but to inform you. These are facts you, as a business owner with a web site need to be aware of just as you must be aware of various local codes, license requirements, health inspections, etc.

You may slide by for years, never being noticed. Your site may be visited by a visually impaired person seeking to do business who is litigious. You cannot know. It is best to be prepared now than risk an expensive solution after the fact.

It is also good business to show your customers you respect and care about the special needs of the disabled community. Word gets around and showing them you respect their needs can lead to more business. Even Yelp asks about accessibility at your establishment, reviews may include web access as well.

We are here to help.

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