What do we offer for ADA web compliant web sites?

While many companies promise to solve all your compliance issues with a simple line of code that inserts an overlay on your site, that may not be sufficient to satisfy a court or the ADA requirements and could actually cause you legal harm if that were the only thing you did. Such a simple attempt could be viewed as an attempt at taking the easy way out to avoid doing it right.  Yes we do include such an overlay as part of our service but we do not rely on that alone unless the rest of your site is accessible without that overlay.

You can find it below right on our page if you wish to see how that works.

We intend to go beyond window dressing by diving into the inner workings of your site.

We have tools to evaluate your site compliance. Using said tools we will report to you the changes that may be necessary to make your web presence accessible to the disabled viewer.

Such changes we can make may include but not be limited to:

  • Adding descriptive alternative text to images.
  • Adding titles to various elements such as links and buttons.
  • Adjusting colors and backgrounds to assure suitable contrast and readability.
  • Extract audio from videos and add the transcripts as a separate page that deaf viewers are able to read
  • Perform periodic audits to assure your site remains compliant as changes and updates are made
  • And we do add the widget for those able to gain access with that tool.*

You can trust us. We have 25+ years of web development experience as a traditional web design and hosting company.

* Important note: The overlay/widget does not work on a static web site. It must be applied to database drive web sites to function.

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